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Poor mobile network signal has inconvenienced New Zealanders since the advent of wireless cellular networks, and many parts of the country are still poorly serviced. We have been in the business of connecting Kiwis for more than 10 years—using our technological expertise to boost cell phone signal and resolve weak signal woes.

We have drawn on our extensive experience to develop a line of high-quality cell phone signal boosters that are specialized for use in New Zealand. Our range has you covered—offering both single- and multiple-band boosters to get you connected no matter what network you are on. Our products are certified by the regulatory authorities, and we offer a generous warranty period and 24/7 access to technical support.


Whether you are looking to improve signal in your, boat, home, restaurant, office or farm, we have a product that will fit your needs.

Whichever mobile carrier or technology you use; we have a product that could help you improve your signal. Our range of boosters covers the frequency bands that are used by the leading cell phone carriers in New Zealand.

Our line spans a wide array of signal ranges, so whether you need 150 sqm or 1000 sqm we can get you connected.

We have boosters available for almost all the major carriers operating in NZ. What’s more, our range of dual- and multi-band boosters simultaneously amplify the signal from 2+ networks, giving you versatile and robust reception.

What is a cell phone signal booster?

You are probably wondering what a cell phone signal booster actually is. This is a common reaction that people have, and we are taking a moment to explain it to you. In the current age of mobile technologies, where the personal devices are wireless and private, every device is backed by a “backbone” wireless network carrier, which could be one of the many major carriers in the country, such as Vodafone. Over the years, the carriers have developed their infrastructure well and have been able to cover most of the country. But there are large parts of the country where the signal coverage is weak or reaches sparingly. This is where the cell phone repeater comes into play. They resolve calls data and LTE reception mainly. In terminology, we call correspondingly 2G 3G and 4G signal.

A cell phone booster is a device that gathers the signal from the air, usually through an outdoor unit (such as an antenna), and “conveys” this signal to an indoor unit that is supposed to boost the signal. This conveying is done through a wired connection between the outdoor antenna and the indoor unit. The indoor cell phone booster, in turn, is provided with external power through a power outlet and has a complex circuitry that allows it to amplify the weak signal that has been received by the outdoor antenna. The indoor unit then sends the electrical signal to the indoor antenna that is directly connected to the unit, and the antenna converts the electrical signal to waves of the same frequency as were received by the outdoor unit. This, the frequency range of the waves does not change, and the cell phones do not notice any difference, except for a dramatic increase in the signal power that they are receiving.

Thus, as we can see, cell phone signal boosters are devices that literally boost the cell phone signal that you are receiving. This is done through some complex circuitry that works through the use of external power and boosts the signal to usable levels.

How cell phone boosters work?

When talking about GSM repeater, it is important to understand the nuances of the working of the booster. This is a step-by-step guide to the way the mobile phone boosters works in NZ:

  1. The cell phone booster has an outdoor antenna which detects and collects faint signals outside. These signals are usually much fainter than that which your cell phones can actually detect. This is made possible by the use of a large antenna. Cell phones can usually have a very small antenna embedded within the phone. Thus, the signal that was impossible for the cell phone to receive is received by the large antenna used outside.
  2. The faint signal is made to bypass local obstructions, as it is conducted to the booster through a cable.This is done to make sure that it is not attenuated even further, through the conduction to the indoor unit.
  3. The booster amplifies the signal to a usable power. This is done by superimposing the waves of the frequency of received signal to the actual faint waves, and this strengthening the waves to an almost perfect level. These waves are superimposed through the use of external power, which is used to reinforce the waves within the booster.
  4. The indoor antenna is used to broadcast that amplified signal in the area which it covers. This broadcasted signal is usually very strong, and the signal quality is comparable to the source of the cell tower that is used by the carriers.

The use of mobile signal boosters is just endless. Any place that has signal problems can benefit from installing one. Your cafe, restaurant, hotel, bar, or a warehouse, just like Auto Covers did.

Money back guarantee:

There can be any number of reasons that our products might not work for you. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, we encourage you to immediately contact us and explain the issue that you are facing. Due product specifics, sometimes, customers meet difficulties in set up. We will help you to identify the problem and fix it immediately. We have a dedicated 24×7 service helpline that is there to assist you. In case the support did not work for you, we have a money back guarantee for you. At MobileSignalBoosters.co.nz, we’re confident in the quality of the product we sell. Every product passes strong tests according to our test guidelines.Our 30-day money back guarantee gives you time to make sure your purchase is perfect. If you need to return it for any reason, we’ll happily provide you with an exchange or full refund. We do not make a “fuss” regarding the money back guarantees, and you can trust us to work with you to reach an amicable solution.

Are cell phone signal boosters safe?

When you are looking to get a cell signal booster NZ, the first feedback that you would get from your neighbors and friends is that they have “heard” that cell phone signal boosters could pose a threat to your health. Everyone knows that in the modern world, we are surrounded by a network of wireless signals that are emitted by all the devices that we use. The Wi-Fi signal, the television signal, and almost every other device are able to generate some signal of its own. Debates are still undergoing regarding the safety of mobile phone signal booster, and there are conflicting views.

Thus, the electromagnetic signals that surround you are literally numerous, and adding a single cell phone signal booster, with low powered signal to that list is hardly going to hurt you. It has been studied that the signal boosters pose close to zero harm to human health over the region. The reason is that the emitted power by the amplifiers is extremely low, and even if you are going to use multiple signal boosters in a small area, this is hardly going to change. In fact, according to some researches, a cell phone booster gives out many times lesser power than an actual cell phone would do. This is also prominent due to the fact that the cell phone is placed close to your body, and the emitted signal has larger coverage of your body.

Besides, if the signal is low in the region, the cell phone tunes up its wireless receiver and provides much more power to it, in order to better receive the signals. This turns up the health risks. When a mobile phone booster NZ is used, the cell phone receiver does not use too much power, and thus, the potential health risks decrease significantly.

Who can benefit from a cell phone signal booster?

As we discussed above, there are lots of places around New Zealand where cell phone signal is weak. Even just a few minutes outside of large cities you’ll often find the cell phone reception is lacking. Often we’ll find some places inside people’s houses have excellent cell phone reception and other places are dead spots. This means people are limited to using their cell phones in certain areas that get service. Does using your phone only upstairs, or in that one spot in the kitchen that gets full service resonate with you? Most of us like wandering around when we’re speaking on the phone, and we like to be able to use cell phone data in comfort. It’s limiting having poor or intermittent cell phone service in places we spend most of our day – but we can help.

You might find yourself wondering ‘will a cell phone signal booster help me?’. If you already have perfect service throughout your home – probably not. But if you like many New Zealanders find your cell phone service at home inconsistent, and would like stronger signal strength throughout your home, then yes, a cell phone signal booster will help you!
While many people have access to WIFI at home, there are lots of times where actual cell phone reception is needed, and the need is only increasing as more people choose to use mobile phones over landlines. A cell phone signal booster is useful for people who work from home and need to be able to make voice calls using their cell phones. Using a cell phone reception booster will help ensure you have consistent cell phone reception and your important calls don’t drop. Signal boosters are also useful for people who need to make sure they can always get a cell phone signal if necessary. For example; people with medical conditions who might need to call for an ambulance in an emergency.

For some people, a cell phone reception booster means they get strong enough 3G/4G data service to no longer need to pay for home internet. This can be a significant cost saver for many people, especially low data users as paying for an internet connection is a large part of the expense in NZ, rather than the data. Many people get unlimited or huge numbers of included minutes of calling on their cell phone plans. However, as they don’t have good cell phone reception at home, never get to use their minutes. Cell phone signal boosters can help save money here too, as a huge portion of the cost for a landline phone in NZ is for the line rather than for the minutes you use.

Instead of paying ongoing costs for a landline phone or internet at home, a one-off cost of a mobile phone signal booster might be all you need to get excellent reception and help you save money. For the vast majority of people, the one-off cost of a cell phone signal booster will be significantly less than the cost of a home internet package or a landline phone.

Signal Boosters are very popular in Auckland Tauranga Christchurch Wellington and Hamilton.

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How It Works

Wireless network signal travels through the air in the form of waves. The outdoor antenna is designed to receive the weak signal from the air and transmit it to the indoor booster. The booster amplifies the signal based on its frequency and emits the amplified signal through the indoor antenna making it available for use.

Installing the cell phone signal booster is so quick and easy, even a kid could do it!

2 step set up:

1.Simply set up the outdoor antenna in a place where you would expect to get a good signal and connect it to the booster device using the long cable provided.

2. You then attach the indoor antenna to the booster, plug the booster into the nearest power outlet, and you are ready to go!

How It Works
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We are here to help

We are here to help

Mobile signal boosters are a specialised technology used to improve cell phone signal in areas with weak reception. We have done our best to make sure our boosters are simple to install and easy to use. We recognize, however, that some customers do still experience issues during and after set up, and anomalies can occur which disrupt the amplifier (booster), even when it is set up correctly. If you do experience an issue with your booster, do not worry! Mobilesignalboosters NZ team are available 24/7 and are committed to helping you with any problems you run into. Your satisfaction is our priority, so do not hesitate to call us – we are here to help!

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Cell phone boosters for NZ rural areas

Cell phone boosters for NZ rural areas

Despite cellular networks improving their coverage every year, weak, patchy and lost signals are common enough to be a significant issue for many people. Weak and patchy signals in your home or office can be very frustrating. It hampers your productivity and everyday living. Unreliable network reception on your cell phone can end up being a serious problem in acrisis situation.

The situation gets toll in rural areas, where cell towers are fewer in number. Strong reception has become a mere dream in rural areas of New Zealand. People are facing a hard time getting full signal bars on their cell phones and often remain disconnected to the world. Due to this, they are not able to access the internet on their cell phones and they remain in the dark of what’s new happening around them. Rural business holders suffer the most as their major part of the day involves dealing and conversing with clients. Frequent call disconnection disrupts the talks and mode of business.

So what is the solution? – The remedy to this problem is MobileSignalBoosters NZ.
With higher numbers of people abandoning their landlines every year in favor of cellular phones, the popularity of signal boosters is likely to continue to increase for quite some time.

We provide cell signal boosters in AustraliaSouth AfricaIrelandFrance and in the UK as well.

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